Goals for 2016


Set a blogging schedule

I am all over the place when it comes to blog posts. I am working on figuring out a schedule that will be ideal for both myself and my readers. Currently, I have sooooo many ideas for future posts. So these might start coming out more frequently.

Give away clothes

I like to make it a point to go through all of my clothes to see what I can donate. Typically, I tend to have a lot of clothing items that are barely worn, that simply don’t fit anymore. I enjoy putting together bags of clothes for others who will make use of them.

Save money 

I need to set up my bank to automatically transfer a specific amount of money into my savings account every week. I am a big budgeter, but somehow I always forget to put extra money in my savings.

Eat out less

 Lately I have been taking advantage of the convenience of fast food. Since I always feel too tired in the morning to make myself lunch.. I am going to try to get myself in the habit of putting it together the night before.

Use my camera more 

I have a Canon T3i that I received from my boyfriend not too long ago. I have figured out a lot of the basics of the camera. But.. there are SO MANY things to learn with a DSLR. With that being said, I want to start watching more tutorials. Also, I would like to start shooting different objects, so that I can use new features on the camera.

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