The Original BeautyBlender®

FINALFirst off, before using this product you have to soak it in water, then squeeze out excess liquid. This will increase the sponges size, and prevent makeup from absorbing into the BB.  My favorite part about the BB is that you can avoid “cake face”, since the sponge picks up any remainder product just sitting on the skin.

During application, most people think you need to use swiping motions, as if you were using a foundation brush.. but with a BB you basically “bounce” the sponge off your face. This leaves the product in place and ensures the most coverage. This sponge is EXTREMELY versatile and can be used with primers, foundations, blushes, concealers, and more!!

$20 may seem pricey for a tiny sponge… but it is worth the investment. I do not have to use as many makeup brushes, and the BB always leaves such a gorgeous finish. If you have dry skin, you will especially love this. The moisture from the water in the sponge helps foundation to avoid clinging to dry patches.

Anyone and everyone will love this! 


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5 thoughts on “The Original BeautyBlender®

    1. I actually bought the Real Techniques sponge first because I couldn’t fathom spending $20 on a sponge but after trying it I do like it. But I feel like it may be breaking quicker than my Real Techniques did… Which makes me quite bummed

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