champagne pop Swatch copy

Price: $38.00 USD

Look at that pigmentation all in one swipe! The color is so perfect for every skin tone. I have never purchased a powder highlighter until now.. and I LOVE IT! These are limited edition, so make sure you get your hands on one. The color will literally last allllllll daaaayy longggg. I kid you not! The package comes with plenty of product.. so the price tag doesn’t feel so hefty (in my opinion.) If you have never heard of BECCA, it is an incredible brand to get your hands on. And of course Jaclyn Hill is my ride or die favorite beauty guru so when I found out she was doing a collab I was all like “YAAAAASSSSSSS”




Published by Alecia Rivers

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  1. Ah! it’s so beautiful… I am still a little sick right now. Mine dropped… on… the… FLOOR… last night and is now broken. But still usable, just not as easy. 😦


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