ProFoot #HeelRescue

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ProFoot Heel Rescue Foot Cream– $6.50 (16fl oz) First and foremost, I love that the formula is infused with Argan oil, Anti-Oxidants and Vitamin E. The cream is not too thick, it distributes evenly and leaves my feet feeling super smooth! I really enjoy the fact it has a pump on it. There is not a strong smell either, which makes it perfect to use on your hands and elbows. Although I do wish it had some sort of fragrance.  I think that this is the perfect product for summer time! I have been using it for about a week now and I can honestly say it has helped.

*Disclosure: Although I did receive this product for free by Influenster for testing purposes- all opinions are my own*

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One thought on “ProFoot #HeelRescue

  1. To be honest, recently, I have tested and tried almond oil for foot rescue and oh my world! That literally is a life saver as it is not sticky or greasy and smells bland too and so soothing at the same time and I could feel considerable difference with the final results


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