LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Haul


So I recently went into LUSH and purchased a few goodies, and I wanted to share with you guys what I picked up! Hope you enjoy the post. For more information check out So let’s begin with the bath related products first…

Granny Takes a Dip Bubble Bar 
Size 3.5 oz (Priced at $7.95)


Now this one used to be a bath bomb.. BUT was recently reformulated into a bubble bar. It is a warm combination of lemon oil, ginger and black pepper oils.


Twilight Bath Bomb
Size: 6.3 oz (Priced at $6.95)


The featured ingredient in Twilight is lavender oil, and it is combined with tonka absolute. Tonka is well known to be “vanilla’s saucier cousin.” The two together create a calming blend to help sooth your body.


You’ve Been Mangoed Luxury Bath Oil
Size 0.7 oz (Priced at $3.50)


Now this one may not look as appealing, but I find it cute! Also.. the smell and name alone will change your opinion. This luxury bath melt is a lovely blend of lemongrass oil, organic shea butter and mango butter.


Mask of Magnaminty – Self-Preserving Face and Body Mask
Size 4.4oz (Priced at $14.95)


This deep cleansing mask smells of peppermint goodness! It’s formulated with china clay and peppermint oil to help deep clean out your pores. There’s vanilla to calm redness, and honey that helps to soften your skin. Finely milled aduki beans are added to remove any dry and/or flaky skin.


That’s everything I got! Hope you enjoyed reading.

xoxo wild4makeup


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