Why I Love Organic Coconut Oil

My favorite coconut oil to use is the Spectrum Naturals: Expeller Pressed Organic.

I purchased mine at Walmart for around $6 to $8. The glass bottle is 14 fl oz, so you definitely get a good amount of product for the price. I love that for such an affordable price you get a multi use product.coconut-oil_w650pxCoconut oil is known for its many benefits with hair and skin.

My favorite way to use it is as a makeup remover. I find that some of my most stubborn mascara and liquid lipsticks glide off like a DREAM with this stuff! My advice is to use sparingly, because a little goes a long way. With hair application, I focus on my ends, and then add the remaining oil to the rest of my hair. The bottle suggests leaving on for 30 minutes. Usually that will do the trick, but I have heard of people leaving it in overnight. After you wash it out, your hair will feel silky smooth!!


When it comes to all the different uses of coconut oil, the options are endless.

– Can be used in place of shaving cream
Under and around eyes to prevent wrinkles and future bags
De-frizz hair
Makeup brush cleanser
Mix with baking soda for an exfoliator

I stumbled upon the blog post 200 Brilliant Uses For Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life Forever. Make sure to check it out to see more ways to use this amazing product.

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9 thoughts on “Why I Love Organic Coconut Oil

  1. Thank you for this post I actually picked a pot of coconut oil up in my local supermarket the other day but then put it back, as although I had heard of all the benefits it had, I wasn’t to sure of how to use it. Low and behold, here is your very informative blog. I will now be purchasing a pot the next time I am out. I love your blog as it is similar to mine in some ways. Give my blog a look any feedback good or bad (well constructive anyway) is welcome. https://annireddie.wordpress.com Beauty Bargains And Fashion Finds.


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