Nivea Sensitive Post-Shave Balm

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The packaging is quite heavy duty! It feels like a porcelain or glass bottle with a lot of weight to it. I find the design of it to be quite classic. Although, I did end up pouring mine into a squeeze tube for easy application. As nice as the bottle is.. for us girls wanting to use this product as a primer, it it simply too heavy and bulky!


This product has been highly raved about in the beauty community recently, but with good reason. This stuff is the seriously!! Many makeup primers contain a lot of dimethicone, otherwise known as silicone, which gives your face that poreless look. So let me just state that if you are looking for a primer to give you that look, then this product will not be for you. Basically the balm develops a tacky feeling after application, which allows the makeup to stick to the face better. I can honestly say that my makeup stays in place with this product so much longer than it ever has. I have been using it religiously for 5 weeks now and can say I love the results.

Priced @ $5.00+ for 3.3.Fl Oz.. Can you beat that?!!

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