BECCA Cosmetics Backlight Targeted Colour Correctors

Price: $30.00 each

Coming soon!

Sephora: Available online January 8th and in stores January 22nd.

ULTA Beauty: Available online January 3rd and in stores January 31st.

Shades included:

Papaya – Neutralizes blue and green

Peach – Neatralizes dark circles and hyper pigmentation

Violet – Neutralizes dullness

Pistachio – Neutralizes redness


The size looks similar to their Under Eye Brightening Concealer.. so I am guessing these are about 0.16z.

Trendmood1 said that this formula for these are incredibly smooth and blend well. To use, apply first underneath anywhere on your face you need to, and then apply your concealer on top.

Personally I have redness on my face and can see myself really loving Pistachio. I don’t find myself to have dark circles but for anyone who has that issue, I can tell these will be your new best friends. Cannot wait to pick myself up one of these bad boys.


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