My 1st Morphe Brushes Haul


YASSSS so I finally order a few of the Morphe brushes I have had my eyes on!! I have been wanting to order these for awhile now.. but I get nervous to buy things online that I cannot physically feel in a store. I decided to bite the bullet and order them anyway. I cannot say enough good things about these brushes. The quality is sooooo comparable to M.A.C. They are definitely a better “bang for your buck”.. as most would say!

morphe m439


Price $13.99

Bristle Type: Synthetic

My review:

I saw Jaclyn Hill buy the Morphe M439, so I bought the Morphe M439.. Lmao please tell me you guys know what I am quoting (*Mean Girls*) I cannot get enough of this foundation brush. Jaclyn Hill has been raving that this is her new favorite foundation brush.. SOOO of course I had to buy it. I am extremely impressed with the quality of the synthetic bristles. They are just the perfect amount of dense and fluffy. The foundation when on the brush doesn’t sink in and get lost, causing less coverage. I like to spray the brush with a squirt ot two of Fix+ to ensure I get a dewy finish. All in all, I LOVE everything about it and think that the M439 will last me a long time before I need to replace it.



Price $2.89

Bristle Type: Sable

My review:

I don’t know if I have hooded lids, small eyelids, or what but I am just lacking in that area. I heard … say that this brush was perfect for really defining and creating a deeper crease than what is already there. The M321 goes above and beyond for precision in the crease. Whenever I want to create a smoky eye look, this is my new go to! You can also use this to create the perfect cat eye effect. For less than $3?!? How crazy!!



Price $5.99

Bristle Type: Goat

My review:

 This has been all over the internet as a MAC 217 dupe and OMG yes it seriously is.This is going to be a holy grail brush, I can feel it! The blending is sooooo effortless. It’s like heaven on a stick. The quality, the bristles, the density, the fluffiness.. EVERYTHING is perfect.



Price: $5.99

Bristle Type: Goat

My review:

 I mainly use this brush for the crease, and sometimes I will place a color on the lid. This is a denser version of the M441 in my opinion. You can use this to blend eyeshadow if you prefer. It really is just such a versatile brush. 



Price $6.99

Bristle Type: Synthetic Bristles

 My review: 

This type of brush is the best at picking up a lot of color to place all over the lid. I also spray this with Fix+ to get the best pigment possible. I have fairly small eyelids so the G20 is perfect.. I find the size to be just right. I can use this to apply color on one part of the lid and then can use it still for the rest without it overlapping.


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