Lippie Stix


Oh Snap: “Play it naughty or nice in this pale dirty nude pink in a Matte finish.”

Contempo: “Keep it “casual” in this mid-tone dusty rose in a Matte finish.”

Grunge: “Put on your favorite flannel and pair it with this cool-toned plum brown in a Matte finish.”

Poison: “You’ll be knockin ‘em dead in this deep brown red in Matte finish.”

Dazed: “There’s nothing confusing about this berry red in Matte finish.”

Nevermind: “Embody teen spirit in this deep blackened violet in a Matte finish.”

Eye Shadows


Supermodel: “Channel your inner Kate, Naomi, or Cindy in this soft golden ivory in a Pearlized finish.”

I Spy: “You won’t go unnoticed in this soft yellow peach in a Matte finish.”

Girl Power: “You’ll look posh in this bright red orange in a Matte Pressed Pigment.”

Boy Band: “No one will tell you “Bye , bye, bye” in this intense red copper in an Ultra Metallic finish.”

Central Perk: “Throw on this dirty maroon in a Matte finish before meeting your friend, Princess Consuela Bananahammock, at your favorite coffee joint.”


Mixed Tape: “Mid-tone cool grey in a Pearlized finish. A shoutout to the best way to proclaim your love in the 90’s.”

Party Time: “Get the party started in this dusty mauve grey in Matte.”

Plaid: “Meant to be worn on the eyes, not around your waist, a deep blackened olive in a Matte finish.”

Stereo: “Someone will definitely blast “In Your Eyes” outside your bedroom window if you wear this blackened burgundy with copper and pink violet duo chrome glitter sprinkled on top in a Metallic finish.”

Straight Trippin’: “You’re not insane this is a deep black with a slight hint of a red-violet hue in a Matte finish.”



Never Been Kissed: “Josie Grossie will be non-existent while you’re rocking this dusty coral in a Matte finish.”

Cruel Intentions: “Is it Sebastian, or is this warm rose in a Matte finish making you blush?”

**Lippie stix – $5.00 USD*

*Eye shadows – $5.00 USD*

*Blushes – $8.00 USD**


Published by Alecia Rivers

Hello, my name is Alecia!

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