IPSY August Glam Bag: Sneak Peek


What IPSY.com claims about these products:

  1. La Fresh Group Good Night. Night Cream“This highly natural La Fresh® Eco-Beauty® Good Night. Night Cream provides super hydration and restores your skin making it visibly smoother and plumper. It will also rescue your skin from fine wrinkles on the forehead and crow’s feet around your eyes. Say bye-bye to damaging elements that age your skin and say hello to recovered, recharged, and youthful!”

  2. Albertini Divine Skin Hydrator“Use this hydrator and your skin will feel smoother and softer immediately. Always apply to wet skin. This all over in-shower body moisturizer, “conditions your body like you condition your hair”. It’s also unscented so it rehydrates skin without any irritation from fragrance. Holds moisture in your skin for 24 hours.”

  3. noyah Natural Lipstick“noyah’s all-natural lipsticks come in dazzling earth-friendly bamboo packaging and are versatile enough to take you from subtle daytime chic to a fun-filled evening look.The lipsticks are made in the USA, never tested on animals, and contain no parabens or sulfates. If that’s not enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, post #noyah or #livedivinely and noyah will donate a product to the homeless!ipsters receiving noyah will receive a Desert Rose sample. This semi-matte, subtle dirty-pink shade straddles the line between elegant and flirty and has just the right balance to make a polished statement at work while remaining playful enough to carry you through happy hour.”

  4. Doll 10 Beauty HydraGel Blush in Flirt“HydraGel is a revolutionary formula with hybrid gel technology. The ease of a powder with the fresh, natural look of a cream — HydraGel Blush makes you look like you’re blushing, not like you’re wearing blush. Formulated with beneficial ingredients Shea Butter, Avocado Butter and Jojoba Seed Oil to hydrate the skin while Lavender extract provides luminosity for a fresh, natural-looking flush of pure color.”

  5. Lord & Berry ultimate lipcolor and liner in nude“This ultimate lipliner is the original Lord & Berry lip pencil. It’s easy-to-use and its formula softens and protects the skin with the nutrients from macadamia oil and waterlily extracts. You can line your lips and fill them in using this pencil- finish with a lipgloss or lipstick or a more dramatic look.”

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