Favorites Friday

GIOVANNI 2Chic Blackberry & Coconut Milk Ultra Repair Super Potion Hair Oil Serum


post1_hairserum“For damaged, over processed hair. Smooth & softens. Tames frizz & fly-aways. Adds shine while enhancing color. “

I recently bought this product after my current hair product ran out. I have never heard of Giovanni but everything I was reading on the label was what I was looking for. I just went blonde, so my hair is still quite fragile from the processing of bleach. I decided to give it a try because it was only $6.

I am extremely impressed with this product and how much I noticed a difference in my hair right away. My hair is naturally really smooth but when wet it is a hot mess of snarls. The hair serum is extremely lightweight and feels like it is doing nothing.. but it is working MAGIC!

I love that this is 100% vegetarian ingredients/no animal testing!

Oh and the smell…. YAAAAASSSS! You will just die.


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